for software companies

NetSuite is a great choice for software companies.

NetSuite for software companies provides a platform that will streamline multiple systems and manage high-volume reporting processes while patching up various operational inefficiencies.

With NetSuite, scalability and competitiveness in the market are made easier.


Why run NetSuite for software companies?

Order management

Order management

  • Gives you a 360-degree view of your customers to facilitate swift customer service
  • Allows you to manage software product subscriptions with ease
  • Automate quality assurance and order validation
  • Facilitates support for discount approvals

Streamlining billing services

  • Allows you to collect key information in real-time
  • Lets you automate the order-to-cash process 
  • Can transmit, generate, and collect invoices
  • Can integrate with revenue generation
Streamlining billing services
Lead-to-cash automation

Lead-to-cash automation

  • Offers seamless integration between NetSuite ERP and Salesforce CRM
  • Gives you a 360-degree view of the lead-to-cash process
  • It’s easy to set up in a fast-growing software company
  • It makes use of a native salesforce interface

Optimises revenue management

  • Facilitates terminations and cancellations of subscriptions
  • Provides support for co-termination processes
  • Allows you to automate contract renewal
  • Streamlines contract renewal
Optimises revenue management

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