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CogTek offers best-in-class solutions for ERP for IT service companies in ANZ. With our end-to-end services, your organisation can access real-time information related to resources and finances, enabling you to deliver high-quality services that boost customer satisfaction and foster brand loyalty.


Streamline your operations with two leading ERP solutions

We offer two powerful cloud-based ERP software solutions—Oracle NetSuite and MYOB Advanced Business—that can help IT service companies streamline their operations, improve customer satisfaction, and enhance their efficiency.


cloud ERP solution

NetSuite is a leading cloud ERP solution that offers a real-time view, assisting IT service providers in managing the growth of their back-office systems. It also enables them to stay informed about new opportunities, allowing them to deliver their best service and maximize profitability.

Benefits of NetSuite for IT service companies

  • Provides you with a 360-degree view of your customers, facilitating fast-paced customer service and automating order validation.
  • Enables you to identify resources and match them to the right job effortlessly through a simple search.
  • You can easily share documents electronically and receive project updates from different locations and time zones with just a click of a button.
  • Allows you to review resource needs and timelines, enabling you to create more accurate quotes and identify areas for improvement.


MYOB Advanced Business provides a centralised view of your business, offering real-time information on customer preferences and back-end processes. With MYOB Advanced Business, you can efficiently run your business using a single platform that integrates accounting, resource management, and more.

Benefits of MYOB Advanced Business for IT service companies

  • Synchronizes with your customers' details, such as the type of software service they purchased, enabling better service.
  • Lets you deliver services more efficiently, improve customer relationship management, and help you identify your best-selling products.
  • Allows you to create financial reports more accurately, enabling exceptional compliance management and reducing errors.
  • Automates the billing process for your IT services and also provides support for multiple revenue streams, such as project billing and sales order billing.
MYOB Advanced Business

Find an inventory management solution that scales with your manufacturing business. Download this PDF to learn more.

Find an inventory management solution that scales with your manufacturing business. Download this PDF to learn more.

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