Unlock the full potential of NetSuite with CogTek

We have 17+ years of experience providing a range of NetSuite services that can improve your ROI and streamline ERP.

Fastest Growing NetSuite Partner in ANZ with 17+  years of solid experience in NetSuite implementation, customization, third-party integration, advanced

support, and training.


What we offer

At CogTek, we offer several services to help you make the most of NetSuite.



Implementing NetSuite is a long process involving planning, data migration, configuration, training, and testing before it all goes live. At CogTek, we'll take the lead and oversee this entire process from start to finish.



Every business needs a unique NetSuite Implementation. With our NetSuite customisation services, we can automate your business processes by building add-on functionalities in NetSuite and tuning it to meet your business requirements.



With our third-party integration services, we will integrate your organisation's existing apps so that you can leverage the many benefits of a completely connected business environment. We guarantee scalable and flexible integration.


At CogTek we don't just implement NetSuite into your organisation and call it a day. We'll also provide you with around-the-clock advanced support to ensure that your NetSuite package is working at optimum efficiency and yielding results.


With our NetSuite training services, we'll train your staff to use NetSuite effectively and efficiently. Through our training, you'll see better user adoption, higher productivity, lower implementation risk and stronger long-term ownership.

Trusted Digital Transformation Partner
100+ satisfied clients

Trusted Digital Transformation Partner
100+ satisfied clients