Inch Factory

case study

myob advanced and netsuite

Inch Factory


  • Inch Factory is a leading manufacturer and supplier of modular kitchen and wardrobe.
  • Has a strong customer base extending through to Asia.
  • The company's ecosystem operates through wide marketing and a large network of distributors, and partners.

Top Objectives and Challenges:

  • Inch Factory needed a more scalable solution with rapid deployment of ERP system which can manage the financials, manufacturing and inventory tracking activities.
  • The company needed to track the orders and overall visibility of orders with online access.
  • With rapid expansion of the market, the company needed a stable solution on cloud to address the business requirements.
  • Seamless integration with current design and production system


  • Oracle NetSuite offered a unified platform for end-to-end visibility across the business.
  • Oracle NetSuite’s modern cloud solution aligned well with Inch Factory’ focus on IT innovation and modernization for expansion.
  • Well-coordinated mplementation services ensured a top calibre cloud ERP platform for business growth.
  • Integrated ERP solution with API integration with design and production system.


  • Clear visibility of orders and inventory tracking
  • Scalable cloud solution with mobile and web access
  • Inventory tracking with Bins management made easy to track
  • Order tracking was on click of a button
  • Real time financial reporting