September 4

How MYOB advanced resellers can help businesses get started with MYOB Advanced Business

In today’s fast-paced and constantly evolving business landscape, digital transformation is no longer optional, but a necessity. It helps businesses stay agile, backed by sophisticated technology solutions such as cloud-based ERP platforms. 


One of the most popular such platforms is MYOB Advanced Business, which offers a comprehensive set of features and capabilities to help enable better resource planning, streamlining workflow processes and better inventory management. 


That said, many businesses lack the proper guidance in implementing and leveraging the solution. This is where MYOB Advanced resellers can lend a helping hand. 


MYOB-certified partners can show businesses the ropes to starting their implementation journey, ensuring a seamless transition and enabling them to harness the full potential of this cutting-edge ERP solution. 


With their guidance, businesses can leverage this MYOB Advanced Business to streamline their operations, reduce processing times, gain valuable data-driven insights and boost workforce productivity.


In this post, let’s explore how MYOB Advanced resellers can help small and medium-scale businesses tackle contemporary challenges by implementing MYOB Advanced Business.

4 ways MYOB Advanced resellers help businesses get started with MYOB Advanced Business

1. They analyse business requirements

One of the biggest advantages of using MYOB Advanced Business is that it can be customised and scaled to meet the specific requirements of each business. 


MYOB-certified partners have the expertise and experience to help businesses assess their needs. This includes taking into account their unique requirements, industry, and business size to tailor solutions that maximise their productivity and profitability.


This ensures that the solution is implemented in a way that allows the business to use the platform’s features efficiently to boost its ROI from day one.

2. They help integrate with existing applications

Using MYOB Advanced Business as a standalone platform doesn’t allow businesses to experience its full benefits. That’s why MYOB-certified partners guide businesses who invest in the ERP solution to integrate it with their existing software and systems. They possess the expertise and knowledge to seamlessly integrate MYOB Advanced Business with an organisation’s current technology stack and ensure full compatibility with the software. 


They also help businesses with planning interface requirements, implementing the optimal configuration, as well as setting up their MYOB account. 


They ensure that the newly implemented ERP system runs like clockwork with the organisation’s existing processes, minimising disruptions and maximising their operational efficiency. 

3. They offer customised training and support

While investing in MYOB Advanced Business is a step in the right direction, it would only maximise operational efficiency if the team is savvy enough to use the software to optimise organisational performance.


This is where MYOB-certified partners can impart valuable knowledge through training programs to help businesses get accustomed to the various functions and capabilities of the platform.


This ensures that no team member is left behind when it comes to using MYOB Advanced Business. Not only that, they can provide support to tackle any issues that may arise once they start using the software.

4. The ensure the platform stays scalable

If a business starts expanding, growing business demands may require them to scale their software systems and improve their capabilities. 


MYOB-certified partners are aware of this possibility and can assist businesses with future-proofing their MYOB Advanced Business platform, enabling them to scale the functionality of the software without restrictions or limitations. 


This means that businesses will not outgrow the software, meaning they won’t have to go through the trouble of switching to new software in the future. 

Get started with MYOB Advanced Business with the guidance of MYOB Advanced resellers

Investing in MYOB Advanced Business is a smart move for many small and medium-scale businesses that want to stay ahead of the curve in an increasingly competitive environment. 


By enlisting the service of MYOB Advanced resellers, businesses gain the expertise, guidance, and ongoing support to ensure effective implementation, smooth transition, and seamless scalability to meet the growing demands of their organisational pursuits.